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10% off your next hat when you share your hat picture.

Just screenshot a picture of what you shared and we will send you a coupon code good for 10% off your next hat. Send pictures to info@pollackmfg.com and put 10% in the subject line. This includes, Facebook (sharing, liking, posting a pic), Instagram, Twitter, Blogging about it, or even wearing your hat to a party and showing it to your friends (we’ll need proof, we love seeing party pics).

We understand you are unique and you do not like to share with your friends what you don’t love and support. We all know those people who sell out and “like” or “share” things just to get free offers and coupons. At Pollack Manufacturing we are against sharing things just to get free offers. Please only share our product if you absolutely love it, and for thanking you for doing so we will give you 10% your next hat.