Welcome to POLLACK MFG!! Making Premium Hats Since 2016

About Us

Pollack Manufacturing started with a simple dream, to make hats people love. This dream started in the year 2000. My Grandpa passed away and left my Dad with a box full of his old hats. There were probably close to 100 hats in the box. There were hats from all over the country. The hats were from many different companies, they ranged from farm hats to trucker hats to normal advertising hats. Hats from classic brands like Texaco, John Deere, Chevron and Coke. The one thing they all had in common was they were vintage, clean style and timeless. Unbenounced to my father, I started wearing my grandpa’s hats. I would wear a new hat every day of the week. While all my friends had new hats with flashy colors, I was wearing my grandpa’s vintage hats. I fell in love with the fit of an old trucker hat, with the simple timeless logos.

I’ve always told myself that one day I will start a hat company. As the months and years past I found myself doing nothing to accomplish my dream. There was always something in the way, or something I thought I needed to do first. One day I woke up and that was it, I told myself if I don’t start today I never will. Since that day Pollack Mfg. was created as it is today. We specialize is classic 5 and 6 panel snapbacks made with high quality material. We try to make our hats with the same vintage and timeless qualities of the hats I fell in love with. I have no idea if this hat company will succeed, but I’m ready to find out. It’s easy to say you’ll start tomorrow, Don’t! Start today! And chase your impossible dream.


                                                                                    Chase Your Impossible Dream